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Digital Engineering Seismographs

Digital Engineering Seismographs

Product Details:

Place of Origin: chongqing
Model Number: SDZ-24A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: 380*300*200mm
Delivery Time: One month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 500 sets 1 a quarter of
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Detailed Product Description

The digital  engineering seismograph is a 24-digit digital seismic instrument developed by our company, which works under the Chinese Win10 and Win7 system. It adopts the advanced electronic technology and design concept at home and abroad, and combines the use habit of many domestic users, to devepop a set of seismograph instrument of multi-function, high precision, high speed and high reliability, it is the leading seismograph instrument in China with good man-machine interface and good expandability. The instrument can use hammer, drop, electric spark, detonator(explosive) exploson as the excitation seismic source, the exploration depth can reach thousands of meters, field exploration methods including: reflection exploration, refraction exploration, surface wave(Rayleigh wave) exploration, multi-wave seismic image exploration, ground pulsation(conventional micromotion) measurement, builing and site vibration safety assessment, foundation pile detection, cross-hole tomography(CT)mesurement and in-well shear wave mesurement,  etc, it is widely used in engineering geological exploration of transportation, hydropower, road and bridge, urban construction and other fields, as well as resource  exploration of oil and gas, coal field, mineral resources and groundwater


Main function

Reflection prospecting: analysis of shallow water surface, bedrock burial depth, geological layer, fracture cavity, etc.,

Refraction exploration: bedrock burial depth and shape trend analysis

Surfsce wave exploration: overlay stratification, roadbed, embankment, slope disaster investigation, etc.

Multiwave seismic image measurement: foundation, roadbed survey, limestone case survey

Field fretting measurement: vibration monitoring and safety evaluation parameter analysis of site and work area

Blasting measurement: all kinds of blasting vibration on the site and building safety assessment

Across the hole CT: detection of underground structure, karst and other geological

Shear wave measurement: measurement of elastic mechanical parameters of underground  geological rock mass


Main feature

Adopt the latest high speed, high precision ture 24 bit A/D converter, the highest sampling rate reaches 10Üs when 48 channels sampling Simultaneously

Bult-in super capacity lithium battery, 24 channel full power can work continuously for more than 15 hours, no need external power supply

Ultra-low diatortion, with outer suppression of advnced filters, at the same time, there are various digital filters set in software

Brand new outside view, hand hold pad pc to operate, WIFI communication, the longest distance up to 100 meters, convenient and fast;

Full frequency noise monitoring, data coilection more real and effective;

Continuous lesk-free monitoring sampling;

With coverage cable, It can be more convenient for field exploration and greatly improve the efficlency of field work;

With coverage measurement function: this 24 channel seismic instrument can support 12  channel coverage measurement without adding external equipment;

The Instrument with built-in detection system: self-check noise, crosstalk, consistency and other items, self-test report automatically generated;

The data storage file is in standard Seg2 and SegY formats, it supports various processing software at home and abroad and save text format, which is convenient for users to process the data by themselves


Main technical specifications

Operating deck: WIFI remote control for Window10 or 7 tablet PC or laptops

Frequency Response: 0.1Hz~16Hz;

The sampling time delay:0~9999ms;

Noise: less than0.5 u V under full frequency

Crosstalk between channels: better than 80dB

Amplitude consistency: better than +-0.1%,     Phase  consistency: better than +-10us;

Dynamic range: better than 138dB

Trigger mode: threshold trigger, internal trigger, external trigger (short circuit, open circuit, signal, etc);

Sampling frequency: 10μs,20μs,50μs,100μs,200μs,500μs,1ms,2ms,5ms,10ms,20ms etc;

Sampling number: 512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16384, etc, the maximum length is 32768



AD converter: use the last, supper high speed      24∑-∆ 24 bitA/D converter

Defalse filter: automatic tracking with sampling rate and equipped with a variety of digital filters

Magnifications: one set of six channels, 1, 4, 16, 64, 128 times optional(1/8, 1/4, 1/2 times can be open extea according to user requirment);

Data format: SEG-2, SEG-Y, TXT

Working power supply: built-in 12V/9A lithium battery, or external 12V battery power;

Working current: 24-channel is less than 0.6A

Operating environment temperature: -10C~+60C;      humidty: <90%RH

Volume: 380*300*200mm


Supporting products: exploder, covering cable, large cable and extension cable, various function geophone, hanner switch and extension cable

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